Must Play Music Playlist: How Many Songs Do I Choose?We have talked about the reasons your DJ, entertainer, should provide you the online planning tools that are essential in todays tech-savvy world. We have also discussed the top songs chosen by brides in 2015 as well as iPod weddings and the many short comings associated with them.

Today I would like to discuss one of three playlists your DJ should allow you to organize music into. The three playlists you, as a bride, should be able to organize music into are:

  1. Must Play
  2. Play if Possible
  3. Do Not Play

Your wedding DJ may refer to these differently but the objective should be the same… to organize music into lists to allow your DJ to reference and help make music choices based off your musical tastes. Let’s break down the “must play” music list and touch on some key talking points.

I think it is important to reiterate that you have hired a professional wedding DJ, band, or other entertainer, correct? You have done your research, asked for references, had a meet and greet, and truly feel that you have hired someone with the experience and personality that fits you and your future hubby. You’ve hired someone that understands the dynamics of a wedding and is capable of reading your crowd and making choices to keep folks on the dance floor. Right? I hope you’re nodding your head and agreeing.

If you have hired a true professional, with the experience to support that title, than you do not need to select 5 hours of must play music; remember, you have hired a professional wedding DJ not a professional grade juke box!

Your must play music list should have anywhere between 0 and 20 songs that you absolutely cannot go without hearing on your wedding day! The must play list is not where you dictate every song that your DJ should play. If your grandfather is at your wedding, but your grandmother has passed, and you want to play their wedding song with a specific dedication…. this is a must play music request. If you and your future husband have a fond memory that had Spice Girls – Wannabe playing in the background and you want to relive that moment on your wedding night… this is a must play music request.

If you select 5 hours of must play music, 3.5 hours of play if possible, and 2 hours of do not play and your reception from beginning to end is 5 hours… where is the room for your DJ to take requests and react to the specific cues from your guests? There isn’t any… keep that in mind.

Yes, you’re paying us and we will do whatever it is you want. That’s our job and this is your wedding. We understand that! I have done numerous weddings where the night was outlined from beginning to end and I had no wiggle room and I had to make zero decisions…. The reality is that I love what I do.. and so do all of the other Maine Wedding DJs I know… we love to get people dancing and have the musical freedom within specific guidelines from the bride and groom. If your guests are dancing and everybody is happy… does it really matter what is played?

Your must play is just that… a must play… everything else can fall under the other two categories that we will discuss at a later date.

About the Author
This is the belief that led Chris Bouchard to pursue his passion for entertainment and music by establishing Bouchard Sound. Throughout his life Chris has been performing in front of audiences and producing music. As a wedding DJ, he has the opportunity to watch as people have the time of their lives and considers it one of his most gratifying experiences.