Your Maine Wedding DJ: Chris BouchardWe know, you have a lot of people say to you, “Just do the music yourself! Cousin Barry can make you a playlist and do it!” While handling the music yourself might sound like the perfect way to save on some money on your reception, there are some pretty important things to consider before scrubbing the idea of investing in a pro to handle the music at your wedding.

Should you hire a professional DJ or rent the equipment and do it yourself?

Planning the Music

Planning out the music for your reception, from drinks to dining to dancing, takes someone with a great sense of music. You need a good range of music genres to satisfy a diverse crowd, you need to consider what mood different songs evoke to match the activity going on (think background dinner music versus a Katy Perry dance song), and you have a schedule to keep. Knowing what music will get everyone on the dance floor or how to relax a hyped-up crowd to wind things down, takes experience with all genres of music through a variety of eras. After all, you want everyone from your parents and grandparents, to your college pals, and even the little kids perhaps, to have a great time at your reception!

Having the Right Playlist

A considerable advantage to hiring a pro is that DJ’s have a gigantic selection of music, categorized and indexed, at their fingertips. A DJ can adjust to the mood of the crowd immediately, and satisfy playing a favorite song request if necessary. They know a good reception is one with a variety of music. A professional DJ can switch gears seamlessly when necessary, and has experience keeping a reception on schedule with the right tone for each phase of the celebration.

Technical Demands

Sound equipment can be very complicated, and a lot of technical challenges can arise. Imagine if the microphone went out during your toasts, or when everyone was rocking on the dance floor – would this be acceptable to you? Of course not! A professional DJ is prepared to troubleshoot any technical issues effectively, has backup equipment on hand, and knows the equipment as well as they know music to avoid any interruptions in your party. They can also manage all the challenges that speakers present such as

Reception Timetable & Flow

There’s more than just music in the entertainment at a wedding reception. A professional DJ also acts as emcee for your reception. They will make announcements, introductions, and help with the microphones and volume for toasts. They are there to get people on their feet, and address any lulls quickly. A professional DJ can give you tips on the best way to position your dance floor, speaker placement and volume controls. They also know how to schedule the various parts of your reception for an ideal flow. What we think will work for timing theoretically, is very different when real live people are involved. They’ve done this a lot and have great insights into the best way to announce the wedding party, assisting with the microphones for toasts, and getting everyone’s attention for the cake cutting. The music playlist also impacts the flow of your reception schedule considerably, so you want someone who understands how long the introductions or anniversary dance is going to take so you can stay on your schedule. You have a celebration to make happen and go off without a hitch – wouldn’t you prefer a professional at the controls so you can relax and just enjoy?!

Ensure Your Special Day Runs Smoothly

DJ’s do this professionally, so they know how to manage sound and a crowd, put on a show, and make the party happen – and the best ones are very good at it! Bouchard Entertainment would love to ensure your reception is one to remember – choose an award-winning, professional DJ to get the job done right!

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About the Author
This is the belief that led Chris Bouchard to pursue his passion for entertainment and music by establishing Bouchard Sound. Throughout his life Chris has been performing in front of audiences and producing music. As a wedding DJ, he has the opportunity to watch as people have the time of their lives and considers it one of his most gratifying experiences.