Say goodbye to company snooze-fests! Your employees will thank you with a boost in morale and clients will appreciate your recognition. Whether you’re envisioning a Maine disc jockey service that draws staff to the dance floor, or a more subdued event with background music, Bouchard Entertainment will fit your specific needs.

Team Building with SmartPhone Trivia

Company cohesiveness and morale starts at the top and works its way down. Providing a fast, simple, interactive, and unique, form of trivia, for all of your company associates. is a guaranteed asset to teamwork skills. SpeedQuizzing is a tablet based trivia that gets its name from a 10 second count down between questions. There is no paper, there are no pens, there is no cheating.

Tablets are provided for this interactive game. No WiFi needed as a local area network (LAN) comes with the package. Questions come in all forms:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Numbers
  • True and False
  • Pictures
  • Sound Clips
  • ….and more!
Master of Ceremonies

Have you ever been to an event where it’s “Yeah, Johnny from accounting, you won this award for most paper pushed!” Why not hire an MC, with the equipment to boot, to provide an eloquent delivering of an award? “Let’s give Johnny Wilson from accounting a huge round of applause for a 6% increase in clientele versus last year!”

There is a lot to be said for having someone with mic skills announcing your awards. No “ahems” or “uhhh’s” just a consistent flow of clear, crisp, and invigorating, words being spoken.

MC’s with their own PA systems sound a lot better, look a lot better, and most importantly feel a lot better.

Audio & Visual

There’s nothing like being able to hear the person talking. State of the art sound equipment ensures you’ll hear every word. Slideshows? Sponsors? Training videos? We’ve got you covered. Large, or small, screens available to provide the best visual for any presentation. Any A/V needs you can inquire within!