Maine Wedding DJsAre you having your wedding at the Italian Heritage Center? .. Or are you thinking about having your wedding at the Italian Heritage Event and Wedding Center? Well this is fantastic! The Italian Heritage Center is my most visited venue of 2015. From the perspective of a vendor I’d like to give some insight on the venue and staff!

The Italian Heritage has one very large ballroom where they hold wedding receptions, and other events, that are of a certain guest count. This ballroom is elegantly surrounded by pillars that are absolutely perfect for the added ambiance of uplighting. The venue has white wash/string lighting that looks fantastic when the lights are dimmed. There are chandeliers surrounding the room with one very large chandelier hanging over the dance floor. The dance floor is centered in the room and is very well proportioned for the room; however, for smaller weddings it can rather large and make it appear that no one is dancing… even though this isn’t the case! Finally, there is a bar window that can be open or closed depending on your desires for your wedding. It is conveniently placed in the center of the back wall nearest the kitchen.


There is a smaller room that has an overlooking balcony with chairs and tables that is used for indoor ceremonies as well as other events that are below the guest count needed for the larger ballroom. I have only been in this room to do indoor ceremonies…. There is a beautiful stone fireplace centered in the main room and the center will allow you to put decorations on/around the fireplace to decorate for your ceremony.

The staff at the Italian Heritage are very organized and know what they are doing! I have done many many weddings and I have not seen dinner run as smoothly as it does at the IHC! The girls are friendly, courteous, and extremely experienced… Kim, the hall manager, handles all of the events and she is very organized and astute! The food is very good and it is served buffet style. I believe the food is part of the hall rental as I have never seen another caterer in the building.

If you want to hold a large wedding or event at a great hall that is easy on you and your vendors I urge you to book with the Italian Heritage Center in Portland, Maine. The setup, the staff, the availability of on sight amenities could be hard to match. The location and ease of access is also something that can be hard to be match.

As my most frequented venue of 2015 I strongly suggest holding your wedding or event here!