Determine Your Goals

It’s important that you understand WHAT you want to do before you do anything. What is your big vision? Think big and act small.

Once you have determined your goals you should communicate them to your entertainment provider and your staff. Having everyone on board & motivated are guaranteed to help you succeed. The worlds most successful people have succeeded through others… not alone. Let’s take a look at some goalsĀ  you may have….

More Foot Traffic

This is easy… right? Hard to sell with empty booths/stools. This is where your entertainment comes into play. Promote them and make sure they are promoting you! Work with local cab drivers, uber drivers, and chambers of commerce to put you name on the maps.

More Food and Drink Sales

More foot traffic would equate to more food and drink sales, right? Not necessarily! Promote your happy hour in conjunction with your entertainment. Grab them with happy hour and keep them around longer with entertainment. It’s not just about getting them in… it’s making them want to stay. A good entertainer brought in during the happy hour is sure fire way to get someone to buy one more drink and maybe some food.

Hiring the RIGHT Entertainer

Hiring the proper entertainment will bring you the right clients to help you with your goals. It’s not just about getting someone in the door, spraying, & praying. Hire someone who will help you plan, promote, and execute. This is not a take, take, take, situation. It’s a push and pull and neither party should be doing more than the other. Consider it a partnership where you’re both after the same goal. That’s the entertainer you want & need.