My Engagement Story:

Is your girlfriend the one and you’re thinking about proposing? Making your girlfriend your wife is a big step and I want to congratulate you for entering this chapter! When I proposed, to my now wife, there were a ton of emotions involved. Buying the engagement ring was really hard… I didn’t want to buy something she didn’t like; accordingly, we went shopping at the local Kay Jeweler’s and she picked out this awesome ring that just happened to be on a clearance pricing. It was right around Christmas so I had her go off and do some stuff while I convinced her I was buying a gift for her. I went back and financed the ring and bought something dumb so when I returned I could have something to show for my efforts. The jeweler held on to the ring for me. 😉 Speaking from experience: I want you to avoid these three mistakes:

Don’t Tell Your Friends

One of the hardest things I had to do was keep this huge moment a secret. I had to tell someone other than my parents. Right? I decided to tell a few close friends and they made keeping the secret really difficult. If your friends are anything like mine they will make jokes, innuendos, and gestures that suggest that something is coming her way. “Wouldn’t it be cool if Bouchard proposed?” That was a one liner that got me pretty often. Do yourself a favor: tell your parents and best friend – keep it a secret otherwise. It’ll save you a bunch of headaches and worry.

Don’t Finance the Engagement Ring

You’re making a huge decision to propose to your longtime girlfriend or boyfriend. You are making a huge investment into your life – let alone the financial investment. Marriage is forever, right? If you haven’t already saved the money for the engagement ring start now. Financing an engagement ring is easy and the jewelers will support the decision. I financed the 1 carat engagement ring and that $5,000 dollar purchase turned into an $8,500 purchase. The interest will bring you to your knees – if you’re in a relationship with the right person you have time to save the money and start your new life together on the right foot.

Don’t Be Nervous

If you have already made the decision to get married to the one you’re with – don’t get nervous. It’s natural to be a little anxious about this time in your life…. But, you have made the decision to buy a ring and plan on how to pop the question. Nerves, anxiety, and overthinking will only make this harder! Stop, breathe, and relax. She is going to say “yes”.

My last little bit… because, who doesn’t love lists?

Don’t be the YouTube proposer. It’s okay to have a photographer to catch the special moment, even a videographer, but don’t be that guy. This falls in line with baseball big screen proposals. If you’re going for the cheese-factor winner, these are prime examples. Be a dignified man and propose in private making the moment so very special for your wife-to-be. It’s important because she is going to look back on that moment for the rest of her life and be in awe of you – or secretly despise you. Make it special, guys.

This picture, often used for my blogs, is actually my wife and I’s hands. Look. At. That. Rock:

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