What's Your Style?

This question is something we get a lot. It makes sense – you want to know how we handle the day. Fortunately, we have written a blog that breaks it all down for you!

Can you send us some pricing and package info?

We are happy to discuss a-la-carte pricing and package pricing if you would like to contact us!

What type of music do you play?

We could show you a playlist from one wedding and show you the wedding the week following…. You’ll see two totally different set lists with some crossover. There is no written formula except that we consider your wishes, observe your guests, and feel the room to make song selections. It would be safe to say that we play what makes your guests dance.

Do you have uplights?

We do! Most couples utilize 20-30 lights per wedding. Check out some uplighting photos over here…. 

How long has Bouchard Entertainment been DJing?

Bouchard Entertainment has been focused on Maine Destination Weddings since 2014.

What does your setup look like?

We maintain a “low profile” setup to ensure the spotlight is focused where it should be: you and your fiance.

Are you insured?

Bouchard Entertainment, LLC is fully insured as a licensed business in the State of Maine. We utilize a business owners policy which is more in depth and offers more coverage than your average insurance a DJ may carry.