Contact Owner and Maine Wedding DJ, Chris Bouchard

Getting in touch with Chris is super easy. You can inquire about any service you want below; however you can always call 207-317-2193 or email to speak with him directly. Our goal is to make your search for a DJ in Maine as easy as possible. If you’re simply inquiring about pricing for a wedding you can stop by here

Other Pricing for Bouchard Entertainment’s Maine Disc Jockeys

We know that pricing is a huge factor for any event. Our pricing for weddings is public because it is our most common service and we encourage you to check in with us by utilizing the form below or the contact information above. it is our goal to get back to you within minutes to just a couple of hours. But, it can be 24-48 hours if we have events happening at the time of your inquiry.

Thank you so much! We are looking forward to hearing from you about the services you need from our Maine DJs!