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We’ve all heard of bridezillas, right? A lot of us have seen the show that ended a few years ago also.. Today we discuss 7 ways to not be a bridezilla! So if you’re feeling a little stressed, up tight, and overwhelmed this blog is for you!

  1. Don’t get angry! Has everyone in your family suddenly become insensitive and unappreciative of everything YOU’RE doing? Reel yourself in….because it’s you, not them. The stress is taking over the real you and coming out in the bridezilla you. Everyone around you is here to help… not make everything harder for you.
  2. Be respectful: How would you feel if you revealed you were pregnant and your friend cut you from the bridal party because she thought you may have a baby bump in the photos? It’s never okay to make other people feel bad, right?! Everything and everyone is perfect just the way they are!
  3. Keeping an Open Mind: Bridezillas want it their way or the highway. Everyone is going to have some input or suggestions on how to make your day better and easier… Listen to them, they’re trying to help you make your vision a reality.
  4. Every decision you make is not the hinge that your wedding is resting on. We all understand that there is a lot of planning, that you only get to do this once, and the stress has been eating you alive… No one truly cares if you have red or black napkins.. don’t let it be the straw that broke the camels back. Have fun with your planning… dreams never become reality when there is massive indecisions over little details!
  5. Finally: Be Happy! You’re getting married! You are starting one of the biggest chapters of your life.. You are planning a day to celebrate, with friends and family, you’re everlasting love and commitment to your fiancé. Being upset, stubborn, malicious, and disrespectful is no way anybody wants to look back at their wedding… is it?