Maine Wedding DJThree Saturday’s ago, 8/20/16, I had the pleasure to DJ the wedding of Amanda and Patrick at the brides dads house located in Durham, Maine.

I haven’t done a lot of backyard weddings, maybe just a small handful, since I started professionally DJing weddings. Just like any backyard wedding almost everything is done by hand, the house had a million extension cords to get power to all of the right places, and the family is scrambling to get everything done in time for the ceremony.

However, this wedding was different in a couple of ways! They still had the wires running everywhere and the stresses of the ceremony time creeping closer and closer…. but the groom and his groomsmen were there building a dance floor.. the brides dad, covered in sweat, was tending to everyones needs while helping build, decorate, move, and coordinate the day. The attitude of the dad, the bride, the groom and his groomsmen were positive and most importantly happy.

Amanda and Patrick had a beautiful ceremony where her dad once stored all of his wood in piles. Beautifully decorated, by Amanda’s Dad, full of chairs, flowers, and love.

Amanda and Patrick are a beautiful couple whose ceremony brought me to tears. The love that these two have for each other is something that shines in everything they do. This was a wedding that I will never forget! Not because of the dancing, or the large crowd of people, but because I enjoyed working with the couple so much and they were such a delight to be around.

Thank you Amanda and Patrick Dehahn! It was a true honor and blessing to share with you.